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Meet Jazz


Welcome! My name is Jazmine Robinson, also know as Jazz, and I am the owner and founder of Jazz & Juice Mobile Juice Bar, LLC. It has become my personal mission and passion to spread the health benefits of fresh slow masticating fruit and vegetable juices, lemonades, teas, shots, and fiber pulpsicles that come from the earth to restore us from the inside out! I am originally from Long Island, New York, but I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I started my juicing journey in January of 2020, before the global pandemic of COVID-19 began to spread worldwide. I honestly believe that juicing, with all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and immune boosting components, kept me safe throughout this trying time. Now, I'm on a mission to spread the word!

Jazz & Juice 
Mobile Juice Bar
offers a variety of

Slow Masticating Fruit & Vegetable Juices


Fiber Pulpsicles




Tea Infusers

Jazz & Juice is a
Mobile Juice Bar


that travels to local events, businesses, conferences, festivals, colleges, universities, etc. in Georgia to raise awareness on health in our youth, provide fresh produce based beverages packed with nutrients, and to also create an atmosphere that promotes wellness inside and out! If these values align with you and your establishment, book us for your next event or order online today!

All juices, lemonades, teas, pupsicles and shots are


made with all natural ingredients

no added preservatives


non gmo

gluten free

dairy free